India vs Australia: Australian are no longer nasty but competitive, says Virat Kohli

Former captain Virat Kohli has said that there is no longer any nastiness between the Indian and Australian teams. After BGT 2017, Kohli had said that he will never be friends will Australian players.

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Chennai,UPDATED: Mar 21, 2023 15:09 IST

Virat Kohli has said that India vs Australia matches are not nasty anymore. (AP Photo)

By India Today Sports Desk: Former India captain Virat Kohli has said that the Australian players are not nasty any longer on the field. Speaking to AB de Villiers on the former’s YouTube channel, Kohli said that teams compete fiercely, but are not nasty towards each other anymore.

Kohli’s words came in response to a question from AB de Villiers, who asked about the nastiest player in the pitch from the Australian side. Kohli replied that things had changed due to the Indian Premier League, since the players started sharing the dressing room more often.

“The IPL has changed quite a few things. The cricket is still competitive but the verbals and the sledging is not nasty anymore. It has become a game of mutual respect and admiration. Still, you can say that they have the same hunger,” Kohli said in a chat with AB de Villiers.

“The stuff which was too intense and things that created tension between the teams has significantly gone down, that’s what I have experienced this year but not the competitiveness,” the former captain further added.

Virat Kohli captained the Indian side in the heated Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2017, which was shrouded in controversy on and off the field. Kohli, who was the central figure in that series had said that he would not want to be friends with any of the Australian players.

“No, it has changed. I thought that was the case, but it has changed for sure. As I said, in the heat of the battle you want to be competitive but I’ve been proven wrong,” Kohli had said in 2017.

“The thing I said before the first Test, that has certainly changed and you won’t hear me say that ever again,” he had further added.

A lot has changed since, and Kohli has shared the IPL dressing room with several Australian players since. The former captain said that it was a good thing that the nastiness had gone away and there was good camaraderie between the sides.

“I think it is a nice thing forward, it is progressive and if the tensions rise in tournaments like World Cups, you see that anyway. So, I think it is nice to have the camaraderie within the players,” Kohli told AB de Villiers.

“It is fun to be competitive and not with nastiness,” the batter concluded.

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