BJP’s Dilip Ghosh backs Nupur Sharma, blames ideology no one speaks against

BJP MP Dilip Ghosh backed suspended party spokesperson Nupur Sharma and blamed ‘ideology’ behind the incidents of violence. Nupur Sharma has been under fire for her controversial remarks against Prophet Muhammad.

Speaking at India Today Conclave East 2022, Dilip Ghosh said, “Before Independence, there were riots and hundreds were killed. The world is afraid to speak against the ideology that is behind these violence.”

He said, “If you think what Nupur Sharma said is wrong, come and argue, give your logic in public, on TV.”

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“Instead of logic, you are taking out sword,” Dilip Ghosh said referring to violence that erupted over Nupur Sharma’s protest on Prophet Muhammad.


When asked about the recent controversy over the ‘Kaali’ poster that depicts the Hindu goddess smoking a cigarette, Dilip Ghosh said, “There are always people who curse Hindutva to show themselves as progressive and secular”.

“These ‘krantikari’ people say something controversial to get talked about,” the BJP leader said.


BJP leader Dilip Ghosh said, “In India, Bengali, Tami, Punjabi, Marathi, everyone has their own identity. They have their culture, language, food, clothes. But the country is one.”

Claiming that in India, ‘Diversity in Unity’, Dilip Ghosh said, “Our value is to respect other culture. Problem is when politics enter this cultural identity.”

“Love your religion and respect other religion,” Dilip Ghosh said at India Today Conclave East 2022.

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